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Mirroring Horizon

Mirroring Horizon: A Site-Specific Project by Jessica Angel
Curated by Manuela Reyes
Thursday, February 26, 6:00--8:00 pm
CP Projects Space 
132 West 21st Street, 10th floor
New York, New York, 10011
Free and open to the public

MA Curatorial Practice presents “Mirroring Horizon,” a site-specific project by Jessica Angel. The artist will take over the architectural interior of the CP Projects Space, exploring the possibility of visual illusion and space transformation. Jessica will draw over the apexes of the room, enhancing its architectural qualities to then mirror the lines and planes onto the floor, paying tribute to the actual exhibition space, and honoring it as a hub for the acquisition and interaction of knowledge. She will use text-wallpaper and hand-cut adhesive vinyl. The artist is interested in juxtaposing the physical space of the building against the intellectual space where concepts take place; Making an analogy between the conventional three-dimensional world we live in, and the possibility of a fourth-dimensional space that holds our systems of thought together. 

Jessica Angel is a New York City-based Colombian artist. Her recent and upcoming projects aim to foster cross-disciplinary initiatives. Her last installation, Limitless Alignment, at Seton Hall University will be up until March 2015, and it reflects upon an interest in astrophysics. She will be part of a group of panelists that will discuss the ideas of infinity in the realms of art, mathematics, physics and philosophy. Her last solo project in 2014, at the AC Institute in NYC, also enabled forms of collaboration among sciences, philosophy, music, art, and new media. In 2013 she organized Pintura Abierta, a collaborative project that prompted the circulation of ideas about painting. In an attempt to consider this language through its practice, the laboratory gathered different proposals by Colombian painters by means of on-site paintings. The project took place in the Parqueadero space of the Museo del Banco de la República.

While living in New York City Jessica has been awarded the BRIC Media Arts Fellowship and the Cooper Union Summer Residency (2012), City Walls (2010) with the Brooklyn Arts Council and BOFFO-NY Artist in Residence (2009). She has exhibited solo at the Museum of Modern Art of Bucaramanga (2008), at the Salamanca University Cultural Center in Bogotá (2008), The Project Room of Los Andes University in Bogota, and at Casas Riegner Gallery (2006 and 2009). Her work has been showcased in group shows both locally and abroad in Bogota, New York, Miami, Washington, La Paz, and mexico city.